Axelrod: 2012 to be Titanic Struggle

David Axelrod just told a group of Democrat politicians in New Hampshire that Obama’s reelection will be a titanic struggle — and of course we here are hoping it meets the same fate as the Titanic. But in order to guarantee that what do we were we need? We need to make sure the GOP puts up the right iceberg. What an optic, to compare the Obama campaign to a titanic struggle. Now, it’s with a small T on titanic, but I mean you say the word titanic, what do you think? You think giant ocean liner hitting an iceberg and Leonardo DiCaprio and what’s her name Kate Winslet dying. We don’t want to go that far. Well, Rachel, for most people that’s what Titanic is, since for most people life is a movie, that’s what it is. Of course Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet had nothing to do with this but they’re admitting it’s gonna be a titanic struggle.



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