Analysis of Chris Christie’s Speech

So Sarah Palin says the media is building up Christie just so they can crush him later on. I think there’s something to that. But, again, I’m gonna tell you: The Republican establishment… Now, you’re gonna get mad at me at this. The Republican establishment is looking for anybody who can see to it that a conservative, a genuine conservative will not be nominated. “But, Rush! But, Rush! Are you saying that Christie is not a conservative?” As far as the Republican establishment’s concerned, yes. Herman Cain is a conservative that worries ’em. Perry, he’s a conservative that worries them. Bachmann is a conservative that worries them. Santorum is a conservative that worries them. Reagan was a conservative that worried the Republican establishment.

Christie is not. Now, some people say that, “Well, Christie’s more conservative than you think, Rush. He’s just governor of New Jersey. He has to say certain things. I mean, look at who the voting base is there. A bunch of lib Democrats. He’s gotta work with a Democrat legislature in that state. He’s a governor of a liberal state. He’s gotta say some things to appease those people. So if he ever broke out of that you’d see the genuine full-fledged, 100% conservative Chris Christie.” Okay, that’s fine if that’s what we want to do, roll the dice that that’s what we’re gonna get when he breaks free of New Jersey.



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