Al Gore’s Online Climate Show Viewed by Millions – or Not?

Talk about an inconvenient truth!

Climate Reality Project, the online home of Al Gore’s recent “24 Hours of Reality” broadcast, recently claimed that the event was a whopping success, with 8.6 million viewers. That number might have been the real whopper, however.

A back-of-the-envelope analysis of the webcast’s real traffic numbers by Watts Up With That — a website skeptical of the theory of global warming — suggests that number was maybe just a tiny bit inflated.

“There may have been about 17,000 dedicated viewers (estimating on the high side) of the program worldwide,” Charles Rotter wrote on the website. Watts Up With That’s cross-check is based on traffic statistics from popular web trackers Alexa and Quantcast. They do include several adjustments and estimates, the site cautions, and offers an explanation or two for the disparity.



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