As reported in Subversion Inc., ACORN officials openly acknowledge that the ACORN network is restructuring and is re-emerging in an effort to help re-elect President Obama in 2012.

And as WND previously reported, Obama’s new economic stimulus package, the so-called “jobs bill,” contains as much as $15 billion for left-wing groups such as ACORN, Obama’s former employer. Obama has been using his presidential bully pulpit to demand that Republicans in Congress “pass this bill,” even though there is no bill yet. Despite all the rhetoric, the proposed “American Jobs Act of 2011” apparently hasn’t even been introduced in Congress.

But the plans call for a $15-billion stash to be earmarked for “Project Rebuild,” which would subsidize states, local governments and what Obama’s proposal calls “qualified nonprofit organizations” to redevelop abandoned and foreclosed properties. ACORN has been in the real estate development business for decades and would apparently qualify for funding.

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