You Pay for the Obama Bus Tour

Today Obama will go out amongst the peoples on a listen tour to learn (after almost three years) what is bothering the people. No jobs.

Then he’s gonna finally figure out what the people want: jobs! And then he’s going to ask them what they need: jobs! He doesn’t need to leave Washington for this. Now, all presidents have used photo-ops to gain favor, but no president in our history has had such little respect for your intelligence as to do something this absurd, to go on a listen tour. You know what they’re gonna hope to find? (Nothing with Obama just happens.) Don’t be surprised if they find a bunch of people along the tour who say, “You’re not being hard enough on the Republicans! That’s what we want. We want you to cream the Republicans. We want you to get nasty. We want you to fight back!” That’s what he’s going to hear. You’re not gonna hear about jobs.

The people on a bus tour, if they cared about jobs, wouldn’t be on the sidewalk while Obama’s bus tour goes by. So anyway, there are all kinds of potential names here: The Hell in a Handbasket Express. The Are We There Yet? Tour. Running On Empty. The Shovel-Ready Tour. The Magical Misery Tour. (You like that one? Magical Misery Tour?) The Republicans Gotta Sit in the Back Tour. The WTF Tour. Hell on Wheels. (chuckling) The America Under the Bus Tour. The Debt Man Driving Tour.



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