Wolf Blitzer on Obama’s New Low

He’s not even sure what the number is! (laughing) That’s it. That’s all that he said about it. Well, I don’t know for the whole show, but that’s actually a montage of Wolf Blitzer talking about Obama’s new poll numbers. But the number is 39%; the Gallup number is 39%. But Wolf here says, “The latest Gallup poll, the tracking poll, he’s down around, what, 40%? Some say 39, 40, 41%…” (laughing) Some say? Hahahahaha! Wolf, we love you. You know that. They don’t even bother anymore, folks, to mask it. (laughing) They don’t even make an effort. Anyway, the LA Times story says that the new Gallup numbers put 12 states in play in 2012 that really weren’t thought to be in play, but that the poll numbers have descend to such. You’ve got an Obama advisor out there saying that there won’t be an unemployment rate anywhere near 8%, either. The historic impact of that is that no president’s ever been reelected with unemployment higher than 7.2%.



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