With Obama Slowdown Here to Stay, Regime Will Sling Dirt in 2012

“Economic growth second quarter slightly weaker than previously estimated.” Slightly. (chuckles) “According to revised US government data released on Friday, the GDP, which is the broadest measure of our economic health, rose at an annual rate of 1% in the second quarter.” The ChiComs are growing at 9.5%. The Cuban growth rate is higher than ours. The Cuban economy is growing faster than ours! We’re at 1%, revised down. This is a piece of news from the usual Friday evening dump, further buried by the hysteria over coverage of the Storm of the Century brought on by global warming. God, folks, the lies that have become rote! The lies that appear as news in every one of these stories! It’s just amazing. Gross domestic product: 1%. In July we were told it was 1.3%, but they revised it down.

“Economists were expecting the rate to be revised down to 1.1%, according to consensus estimates from Briefing.com.” Imagine that, economists getting it wrong! I’m stunned. I can’t believe it. And then we’re told in this story that the slowdown’s here to stay. The slowdown is here to stay. If that’s true (and I think you and I know that it is) what does this portend for the presidential campaign? Dirt. Pure, unadulterated dirt. The regime cannot and will not run on its record. The best that this regime can hope for is to say that their record would have been astoundingly good were it not for Republican obstructionism, but that’s gonna be a tough sell because the Republican presidential nominee will have had nothing to do with any obstructionism.



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