Wisconsin Voters Come Through

We’ve got the Wisconsin recall elections. The Republicans held the Senate, four out of six seats. The Democrats are claiming voter fraud. By the way, how could it happen without me, El Rushbo, even talking about it? This is another thing that has to worry the Democrats. They spent 35 million, and the unions are already planning on protesting. They’re already planning their own London-type reaction to this. They put $35 million in there. This a big, big deal. They spent $35 million, and it is a salient point that I did this on purpose, folks. I didn’t say a word about it. I had e-mails from people, “Rush! Rush! Wisconsin is important! You gotta remind people,” and I was tempted. But I figured if the people of Wisconsin don’t know what’s going on, it’s hopeless.

If the people of Wisconsin don’t know what’s at stake, if I have to tell ’em, it’s over anyway. So I backed out. I didn’t say a word about it. I wanted to see what the people, what the voters of Wisconsin thought. I wanted to see where they were on their own without anybody then coming back and say, “Well, yeah, but, of course, Limbaugh was in every day trumping the thing up; lying to the people in Wisconsin.” I didn’t want any of that charge leveled. So that’s why it is really good and exciting news what happened there.



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