Will Republicans See the Light?

Examine in your own life when you have made decisions out of fear, or when you have acted out of fear, you don’t make the best decisions, you don’t make the best choices, especially for yourself. And the fear that they faced was a fear that they always face, and that is, of the media, that they would be blamed for a default, that they would be blamed for a credit rating downgrade, that they would be blamed if they didn’t do something, if they didn’t agree with what the conventional wisdom in Washington wanted. And that’s what hasn’t changed.

I mentioned earlier today, yesterday, that more debt in one day was racked up in this country than any of the budget cuts we will see from the budget deal, from that debt deal because they’re spread over ten years, and most of them are in the out years, which means they won’t happen, future Congresses are not obligated to pay attention to ’em. But the spending happens immediately. So it was pretty much foreseen, too. I mean a lot of people were afraid, deathly afraid the Republicans would cave because Republicans always do cave. I don’t think it’s really any more complicated than that.

They’re just basically operating out of fear. I can tell by listening to them. The whole point of that deal, the whole point of it was so that whatever happened afterwards, they didn’t get blamed for it. And now look, look at what happened, everything they told us that that deal would prevent happened. Stock market, $1.1 trillion of wealth destroyed yesterday, or lost. It’s gonna be a while for that to be made back up. So you’re not alone out there. I think a lot of voters feel the same way.



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