Why Trump Should Run In Democrat Primary Against Obama

By Jay Taylor, Vice President of Political Strategy – Liberty Alliance, LLC

Donald Trump should run for President as a Democrat. It’s not too far-fetched since Trump has been registered as Republican, Democrat, and Reform Party. So changing parties is nothing new to the Trumpster. He claims a pro-life stance right now, but has had pro-choice statements in the past, and there are actually a few pro-life Democrats. Trump has been critical of the wars and President Bush which would allow him to capitalize on this base in the Democrat party as Obama did in 2008.

There are some who have called Trump a closet liberal. In 1999 during an interview with CNN, Trump called for higher taxes on the rich. In 2010 donations by Trump to political campaigns were heavily favored towards liberals with 21 of the 31 donations going to the left. We know people can change their political leanings, and that many businesses donate to both sides of the aisle, but you can certainly see that Trump as a Democrat isn’t that big of a leap.

Obama was elected by people who were politically uninformed and were mostly into the sensationalism of the race. They really don’t know, care about, or are even knowledgeable about the issues. How can I say this? Because anyone who takes even a little bit of time to look at the progressive liberal movement realizes that it is in direct opposition of what America was founded on and is all about. Sure there are the few hard core people in the party who actually want to make us a socialist nation, but most couldn’t even tell you what socialist means. Trump with his TV appeal and following could easily get these people to vote for him.

Obama is very vulnerable even in his own party. Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with Democrats, stated it would be good for Obama to face a primary challenge. With Obama’s extremely low approval numbers and the extremely high unemployment numbers the chances of his re-election are growing very dim. History shows this fact and Democrats know it.

Of course I want a conservative to win the White House. And if Trump would actually win the Democrat nomination would this doom a conservative GOP nominee? Not necessarily. It would definitely be an interesting debate and the best thing of all is that Obama would not be the President no matter who won. Defeating Obama is the most important thing in 2012 and with either a Democrat Trump or a conservative GOP nominee America comes out a winner.



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