Trump: We Have Very Stupid Leadership

Fox and Friends spoke to Donald Trump about the current situation in Libya and how the administration is handling the U.S. position. Trump said since the U.S. has spent billions of dollars via NATO, and in the old days, being the victor in a war meant reaping the benefits, why wouldn’t the U.S. reimburse itself with Libyan oil? “What do we get out of all these things?” he asked, saying if the rebels are successful and gain control over the country’s oil reserves, they’ll be richer than some in our own country. He also commented on a story that reported China is taking control of the tremendous mineral deposits in Afghanistan, while we fight a war there, saying “we’re very foolish as a nation.”

“The Donald” also responded to questions about his opinion regarding a possible presidential run by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, whom he met for pizza in June in New York City, saying he didn’t think she was going to earlier, but over the last few days he has noticed it looks like she may be entering the race. Trump said he’s never thought President Obama would be tough to beat, but the Republicans have to pick the right person, and Rep. Paul Ryan’s attack on Medicare makes him untenable as a candidate.



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