Trump: Nation Has Become ‘All Talk, No Action’ and Obama Has ‘No Clue’ on the Economy

We’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars on rebuilding other countries, if you look at what we’re doing. Look at Afghanistan. Why aren’t we building our schools instead of their schools? Look at — if you look at so many different countries, what’s going on in Iraq, what’s going on in — just name it. You look at the deals we make with other countries. Every country makes a better deal than we do.

You look at Colombia, not a large — not a very large country. They made $4 billion, call it profit, against the United States last year. And now they want a new pact so they can make more. Who do we have representing us? China this year will make $300 billion, and that was a projection from a year ago. And I just read a week ago that those numbers were very low. They’re going to make much more this year than that because they’re doing numbers on us that nobody would believe, and our politicians aren’t smart enough to figure it out.

Unless we do something with all of the countries throughout the world that are ripping off the United States and taking billions and billions and ultimately trillions — the new word — of dollars, we can never be great again.



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