There’s No Way to Find Common Ground with Dishonest Liberals

This is my whole point: This is a great illustration of exactly what I’m talking about. This guy and I have no common ground. There’s no area of commonality there to find any compromise. None whatsoever. Zilch, zero, nada. It doesn’t make any sense to talk to him. It’s a waste of time to… (interruption) Of course they’re unreachable, but I don’t care whether they’re reachable or not. They can be beaten whether you reach ’em or not. We do our best to reach ’em here, Snerdley. Nobody reaches out better than we reach out and if our outreach doesn’t work, fine! Then they are targeted for defeat. It’s pure and simple. I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about this. If you live in New York City the government takes more than 65% of your income! You don’t think that impacts your life? I left a place because of its impact on my life. I chose to live someplace because of the lesser impact on my life by virtue of living there, and a lot of people are making similar decisions. For crying out loud, the EPA alone is changing the way everybody lives! The FDA is changing the way everybody lives.



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