The Tea Party Caused UK Riots?

The UK riots. This is an opinion piece by James Delingpole: “‘Britain Needs to Ask Itself So it’s So Hated,’ says the New York Times.” Apparently the New York Times has done a story on this that the Brits are ticked off over, and here’s a pull-quote from the James Delingpole piece in the UK Telegraph.

“This can’t go on. Our world is on the edge of a precipice. The last thing we need right now is to let the very media institutions which helped bring us to this pass — that means YOU, Guardian, BBC, New York Times, etc — drag us over the cliff with their irrelevant values, falling audiences and failed, suicidal ideologies.” They are really ticked! The UK Telegraph is ticked off at the lib media.

“Well you could argue, I suppose, that it’s payback for the nauseating apologia for terrorism written by the Guardian’s resident Wykhamist Trot Seumas Milne the day after 9/11 (‘They Can’t See Why They are Hated’).” How do you pronounce S-e-u-m-a-s? If it was Irish, it’d be “Seamus,” or close. Anyway, we’ll just do it fantastically because it will sound fun that way. Apparently this guy wrote a piece saying, you know, it probably is our fault (the United States’ fault) that it got bombed. It’s probably their fault. “But I surely can’t be the only Londoner for whom it sticks, ever so slightly, in the craw to be told by a Chicago-born professor of sociology and his Dutch sociologist wife in the New York Times is that the riots are kind of our fault because Britain has become such a hotbed of Tea Party values.”

That’s right, folks! The New York Times had a column blaming the riots in the UK on the administration and their prime minister Cameron. He’s a conservative, which means he’s a Tea Party guy, and they’re bringing Tea Party values to the UK — and this is a legitimate reason to start burning down people’s property, according to opinion pieces in the New York Times. It’s a legitimate reason. It’s a legitimate reason to raise hell, to start burning down things, attacking people: Tea Party values. “‘The American right today,'” this is from the Times piece, “‘is obsessed with cutting government spending.



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