The Reverend Sharpton Reports

All right, now, what happened here is obvious. What happened here is obvious. Somebody is sabotaging the Reverend Sharpton via the teleprompter. Can be the only thing to explain this. The Reverend Sharpton is an extemporaneous preacher, he’s an extemporaneous protester. When Reverend Sharpton goes out there with the bullhorn, there’s no teleprompters or cue cards or any of that, but once you get on television, they put everything on teleprompter. He read it just like they had it up there, and it made no sense to him as he was reading it, but he still read it. The sad thing is, it probably made perfect sense to the audience of MSNBC. That’s the sad thing.

So here we go again. Now that you know what happened…. (interruption) Well, it’s either a racist teleprompter or whoever is preparing the teleprompter is racist or somebody is sabotaging. Look, there are a number of black accredited certified journalists who are really ticked off that the Reverend Sharpton is up for this gig. You know, it’s sort of like real-live sports journalists who get ticked off that athletes who have never played the media game, the jockocracy, end up in the broadcast booth or at the analyst desk. Meanwhile, they’re out there sweating and slaving in the small markets, trying to climb the broadcast ladder.

Here’s Sharpton from the protest march in the fundraising podium straight over to the MSNBC studio, and all the black journalists say, “Wait a minute, what about us?” and they have a legitimate complaint. One of them, some of ’em mighta gotten together to try to sabotage here Sharpton because this, again… (interruption) What’s the question? Okay. Official program observer, Mr. Snerdley with a question. Quick, what is the question? (interruption) We know he can read because why else say what he said? He had to be reading that. He had to be. Here it is again.



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