Ten things about Rick Perry that may worry some conservatives

Rick Perry has counted on the staunch support of Texas conservatives during his two decades of statewide triumphs in Texas. He’s an anti-tax, anti-spending, anti-regulation, anti-Washington stalwart.

Richard A. Viguerie, chairman of ConservativeHQ.com and a leader on the right since the days of Ronald Reagan, called Perry a “committed conservative” whose presidential announcement “brought a wave of relief to conservatives.”

Then why are some conservative bloggers and activists warning others on the political right about a Perry presidential candidacy?

“Before Republicans start salivating too heavily, it is important to examine Perry closely,” says conservative talk-show host David Zublick. “His conservative bona fides leave much to be desired.”

That view is a distinct minority on the right, where Perry is seen by many as a palatable option against the more moderate GOP frontrunner, Mitt Romney. And it is a situation that Perry advisers find laughable.

“I find it humorous that anyone who looks at the governor’s record could doubt his conservative credentials,” says Dave Carney, Perry’s top political strategist. “Those folks really need to get out of the sun, hydrate and seek medical assistance if this condition continues.”

Still, here are ten things about the Texas governor that cause at least some conservatives to turn red: TEN



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