Simpletons Shocked to See Debt Deal Had No Impact on Anything

Man, the spin that is going on out there today is unbelievable. It’s impossible to keep up with it. On the one hand, the left is supposedly ticked off at Obama because he got rolled in the debt deal, and they’re fed up. A lot of leftist blogs and websites that I’ve looked at think Obama gave away the store. And then on the other side of the table you got people thinking the Tea Party were big winners in this debt deal. Others think the Tea Party got rolled, are losers. I’ve been trying to keep up with this. It actually developed into a stack, one of my stacks of stuff has to do with all of this. It’s mind-boggling because it’s such a joke. The country lost in this debt deal. There were no winners in this thing. Everybody lost, is the way to look at this. I don’t understand the left thinking Obama lost. I do not understand the left thinking Obama got rolled. Well, they didn’t get the Bush tax cuts rolled back.

Look, the left is a bunch of Marxists these days. They’re not even Keynesians now. You know, Keynes, his purpose was not to destroy the private sector. His purpose was not to destroy the economy. He was actually trying to level the economy out to eliminate business cycles. These guys aren’t Keynesian. These guys are Marxists and Obama is just not doing it fast enough for ’em. So, okay, so he didn’t get the Bush tax cuts rolled away, and they think a ton of government jobs are gonna be lost. They think there’s been a lot of cuts in spending. There haven’t been any cuts in spending. There wasn’t one dime in spending cut. The baseline alone guarantees that. Obama’s free to spend 2.1 or $2.4 trillion right now. It’s mind-boggling to listen to some of these people on both sides that talk about who won and who lost. This is such a mess. It is such a structural mess. Try to make sense of it today as the program unfolds.



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