Shazam! CNN Discovers There Aren’t Enough “Rich” People to Tax

The next story we have from CNN Money: “Tax Increase on the Rich Would Impact Just 3% of Taxpayers.” What’s happening here? It’s small, but two stories in a row is some kind of a record. A breakout here of truth from the State-Controlled Media. “As the government looks for ways to climb out of its massive hole of debt, all eyes are on the rich.” No, they’re not! All eyes are on government. All eyes are not on the rich. But it’s CNN.

“President Obama and many of his fellow Democrats continue to call for higher taxes on the wealthy, and, according to the results of a CNN/ORC International Poll released yesterday, many Americans agree that’s the only way the country can dig itself out of its current economic mess. About 63% of the 1,008 people interviewed over the phone said they think that the new bipartisan committee should raise taxes on higher income Americans and businesses. But, asks CNN, just how many of these rich people are there?” Now, you people know this, as regular listeners here. Not only do you know how many of them there are who earn over ten million a year (a little over 8,000), you know what their combined total tax payments are.



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