Sarah Palin’s noncampaign campaign-style video ‘Iowa Passion’

Sarah Palin has a new video out.

President Obama headed to Iowa on a bus tour shortly after the Ames Straw Poll, but it wasn’t a campaign trip, he said. Sarah Palin took her “One Nation” bus tour to Iowa shortly before the Ames Straw Poll, but it wasn’t a campaign trip.

Well, we know at least Obama is actually running for reelection — and we wouldn’t be a bit surprised if his shiny new buses showed up again then — but if Palin isn’t running for president, then she should release whomever is making her SarahPAC clips to one of the currently declared GOP candidates, because they’re about as good as a political video gets.

On Friday, Palin’s political action committee SarahPAC released “Iowa Passion” (scroll down to watch), another one of its slick, emotionally charged presentations, this time highlighting the casually dressed Palin gripping and grinning with folks at the Iowa State Fair and talking to Fox News host Sean Hannity.



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