Republicans Should Redefine “Balance” and “Compromise”

Okay, Americans want the new debt super committee to compromise. Americans want leaders, they want results, they want stability, says Gallup in the latest poll. By the way, the Republicans have announced their picks for the super committee. Boehner has appointed a bunch of “loyalists,” which makes perfect sense that he would appoint people loyal to him rather than people who aren’t. He’s got Jeb Hensarling from Texas who’s gonna be the House chairman of this thing to balance Patty Murray. So we’ve got Jeff Hensarling, we have Representative Dave Camp, and Fred Upton. Both of them are from Michigan. Upton is the guy on our side that went along with the lightbulb ban. He has since recanted of sorts.

Mitch McConnell in the Senate named Republicans Jon Kyl of Arizona, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Rob Portman of Ohio to the panel. Now, our people are much less partisan than Patty Murray and John Kerry and even Max Baucus. Hensarling from Texas is our chairman to counterbalance Patty Murray. So that’s the committee, and Gallup says they’ve polled the American people and the American people want the “compromise” to be the result of what the committee does. So maybe, maybe Boehner should start using the phrase “balanced approach” from now on, and maybe we ought to start talking compromise.

Obviously those have been poll tested. Obviously Obama and the Democrats went out and poll tested, ’cause they use those terms all the time. So they’ve obviously learned that they are effective. We should just call debt reduction and cutting government a balanced approach. We just redefine the term! We just start using the terms “balanced approach” and “compromise” and say debt reduction and cutting government is what we’re talking about. That’s our balance approach: Cut government, reduce debt. If Obama can do that for massing taxing and spending and borrowing, we can do it, too. Obama poll tests these phrases, I have no doubt, and I’m sure they’re polling well, because he keeps using it.



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