Powell Won’t Abandon Obama

By the way, Colin Powell was on Slay the Nation yesterday, said that he’s not sure that he would vote for Obama again in 2012. Now, folks, that has to set off some warning bells out there in the Democrat Party. If the titular head of the Republican Party, Colin Powell — and remember, we were told back in 2008 that the ideal Republican is Colin Powell. If you need a model of who the ideal Republican is, that’s who it is, General Powell, a guy endorsing the Democrat candidate, Barack Obama.

But now General Powell is also upset at Dick Cheney for taking cheap shots at him in his book who, by the way, Dick Cheney will be here on this program tomorrow to talk about his new book. With General Powell saying that he’s not quite sure that he would vote for Obama, that’s gotta set off some warning bells in the Democrat Party, because as I say, if the titular head of the Republican Party is starting to have doubts about your candidate, you know that you are in trouble. Snerdley, you know I’m right here. In the end, Powell will vote for Obama. There’s no doubt. The titular head of the Republican Party, the ideal model Republican will vote for Obama. Melanin is thicker than water, folks. That’s what will happen.



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