Palin Lays Out What Her Campaign Would Look Like

Though she said that she has not yet made up her mind about whether to launch a presidential run, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Friday demonstrated that she has done some serious thinking about her potential strategy, should she launch a campaign in the coming weeks.

Palin answered questions from reporters for over an hour as she strolled through the state fair here alongside her husband, Todd, and prominent Iowa GOP fundraiser Becky Beach. The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee was asked several times whether the decision by Texas Gov. Rick Perry to enter the race meant that the window to throw her hat into the ring has closed, and she was emphatic that it has not.

Asked to compare her record to Perry’s, Palin noted that Alaska’s Constitution provides for a “very, very strong governor’s office,” which she said is not the case in Texas. Though she took issue with the suggestion that she was creating a contrast between Perry and herself, Palin has clearly been thinking about how she would run a campaign against a soon-to-be announced candidate whose base of support might overlap heavily with hers.



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