Obama Will Run on How Good His Record Would Have Been If Not for Those Obstructionist Republicans

I think this is very important, I think we all need to keep this in mind, because if I’m right we’re going to start seeing it very soon, if we’re not actually seeing it already and that is an attempt to run on the record. He is going to say, “My plans would have worked all kinds of magic if it weren’t for all those Republican obstructionists.” That’s what he’s going to do. They desperately want to run on Obama’s record, his ego. His ego is such that he has to. He’s telling his handlers that they have to find a way for him to be able to run on his record. He can’t run on 9.2% unemployment. He can’t run on all this, but what he wants to do is run on how good it would have been if it weren’t for — it’s sort of Trumanesque, do-nothing Congress, only this is an obstructionist Congress.

It’s nothing new from the guy that we were all told represented something unlike anything we’d ever seen in politics. Little did we know how right we were, but we didn’t know in what regard. This is the first Marxist president. Well, Woodrow Wilson might be close, but it is what it is. That’s what he’s gonna do. Run on how good his plan was and how effective it would have been if it hadn’t been for these obstructionist Republicans.

Now, for that to work people are gonna have to forget that he had supermajorities with Pelosi and Reid in the House and Senate for the early part of the regime, that he had just some of the most promotional, uncritical press coverage in the history of the presidency. People are going to have to forget all of that. It’s funny, too, folks, how much the news media is worrying about there not being any sufficiently presidential candidates in the GOP field. Have you picked up on that? “Perry just doesn’t sound presidential, and Bachmann, oh, man, confusing Elvis’ date of birth with his date of death.”

Tell me something. Why is that any bigger a deal than Obama saying he visited all 57 states? Why was not a big deal made out of that? We all know the answers to these questions; they’re rhetorical. But we have, perhaps, about as unpresidential as any president’s ever been a guy in the White House now. Among all the other unprecedented things about Obama, his unpresidentialness stands out. He wants to run on his record, it’s a broken record, and he’s going to blame Republicans. Just keep a sharp eye.



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