Obama Vacations as Economy Tanks

So Obama goes to Martha’s Vineyard. Has he arrived in Martha’s Vineyard? Well, I’m confused. Drudge has a picture of him riding a bicycle, one of those stupid looking peanut helmets on, those bike helmets, he’s riding with his daughter. I don’t know if it’s a picture from last year or if he’s there already, but he gets there, the market down 416, call your broker. Utter chaos. Utter chaos. So he’s not there yet. He’s on the way.

What’s the economic news? Economic news today: “Consumer Prices Rise in July.” There’s an interesting piece from TIME Magazine. They don’t want him on Martha’s Vineyard, by the way. Jobless claims, inflation rise more than expected. “More People Sought Unemployment Benefits.” The list goes on. From the Daily Mail UK: “One in Five American Children Now Living in Poverty.” Despite food stamps! “One in Five American Children Now Living in Poverty According to New Report,” UK Daily Mail.



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