Obama and Democrats Routinely Call Us Hostage Takers, Terrorists

He’s even more than a socialist., but he’s a proud one. That’s why I say running around and acting like he’s got hurt feelings for being called a socialist? He believes in it, just exactly as you’ve said. He believes in it. By the way, we need to dig out of our archives Obama calling the GOP hostage takers over the tax cut compromise. That happened, I think that was last December during the continuing resolution during the lame duck. He called the GOP hostage takers over a tax cut compromise and he’s also said that crazies claim Obamacare will take away our freedom. Of course, how can he say that? If we don’t buy health insurance, they can put us in jail. (laughing) That’s taking away my freedom, if you ask me — and then Pelosi said she saw nothing wrong with that. I think, frankly, folks (if I may be bluntly outspoken), socialist is almost too nice a thing to call Obama. Psst! Don’t tell anybody I said that, but I think “socialist” is almost too nice a thing to call him. Here’s the hostage taker quote. I got it right here. “‘It’s tempting not to negotiate with hostage takers unless the hostage gets harmed.’ Obama said at his Tuesday press conference. ‘In this case the hostage was the American people.'” That’s December 7th, 2010.



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