MSNBC Plays Media Tweak from 2010, Claims It was Said This Week

So she played a clip of me from a year ago that they said I said yesterday. And I think they’ve gotta be called on that. This is no different than these people making up all those phony quotes during the NFL, St. Louis Rams business. Plus taking it out of context. All of that has always been in the context of a joke. You know the one that really got ’em? Obama does have something in common with God; he doesn’t have a birth certificate, either. Folks, I remember that one, and that just ticked ’em off, you can’t believe how mad that one made ’em. I’m surprised that she didn’t go get that one, as long as they’re gonna play clips from years ago. So still on the Rachel Maddow Show, the guest is Mother Jones magazine bureau chief David Corn. Maddow says, “Rush Limbaugh still a birther. Isn’t birtherism over now?”



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