Matthews: Everyone Knows Government Creates Jobs!

The solution to our raging unemployment rate is so simple, I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it before. Luckily, Chris Matthews did. The government simply needs to spend more money! Because, as “everyone knows, as we studied in school,” government spending creates jobs!

Matthews, just as wacky on the weekend Hardball as he is in his Mon.-Fri. version, went on a two-segment rant this morning, pleading for higher government spending on the theory that government can put people back to work across the country.

First Jim Cramer and then Bob Shrum were only too happy to agree. The supposedly capitalist Cramer went so far as to suggest that government, and not small business, is the engine that drives the economy.

Matthews closed by claiming that the private sector isn’t working to create jobs, and thus government must do so, darkly warning that otherwise “you’re going to have an unstable society.”



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