London Liberals Riot Against “Conservatives” and “Rich People”

Do any of you wonder why what’s happening in London is happening? Let me just ask you, Dawn. You don’t have to say anything, just nod yes or no: Do you know why the London riots are happening? Say yes or no. There’s no… No, it’s not a trick question. I’m just doing a survey. Don’t be afraid to answer. Okay, forget it. Dawn, I didn’t ask you. Okay, no. Snerdley, do you know why they’re happening? Why are they happening, why are the London riots happening? Mmm-hmm. Right. Okay, forget “allegedly.” What’s it really all about? Hmm? Okay, really? Hooliganism? Brian, do you know why the London riots are about? No clue whatsoever. Most people have no clue whatsoever what the London riots are really about, and it’s not hooliganism. Hooliganism is the result. Hooliganism is what’s happening, but it isn’t why. I’m gonna play for you why, and what you’re about to listen to is the equivalent of Obama voters in this country and we’re not far from this. This is last night on the BBC. During the riots, the BBC’s Leana Hosea interviewed two unidentified women protesters, and this is how it sounded.



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