Liberals Feed Lies to Students

Dawn, who transcribes phone calls here in the event that I am unable to understand what the callers are saying, has a college-age daughter who called her in a panic, “Mom! Mom! What are the Republicans doing? They’re cutting all the money for our education!” So somewhere on college campi all across the fruited plain students are being told that as part of this debt deal, Republicans have cut funding for education. So that’s why the guy who we just spoke to on the phone, his liberal buddy, said, “Yeah, yeah, the Republicans cut $2 billion from student aid!” (sigh)

This is how they work. Where is the morality in this? You see, I don’t think that it can be said that one side in this debate we’re having in this country is no more moral than the other. It is clear that our ideological opponents epitomize immorality. I mean these people lie. That barely scratches the surface in describing what they’re capable of and what they do. “Mom! Mom! How come they’re cutting education? How am I gonna stay in school?” So that’s the kinda stuff that we’re up against: Government must do everything. If the government cuts money for education, no child can be educated. It’s amazing thing, isn’t it?

This makes it even worse. Congressman Louie Gohmert from Texas informs us that the debt deal actually raises the amount of money spent on Pell Grants from $3 billion to almost $13 billion. The amount of money spent on Pell grants in this stupid debt deal goes from $3 billion to almost $13 billion, and the Republicans are getting demonized for cutting when spending has actually increased by almost a factor of four! Where’s the morality in that? So we’re spending four times on Pell Grants what we were spending on them before this stupid debt deal was done, and yet the Democrats are running around telling everybody that the Republicans are cutting education!



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