Lemonade “Terrorism” – Three Arrested on Capitol Grounds for Illegal Lemonade Stand

Selling lemonade is not a crime, but selling it on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol is, which is why, police say, three people were arrested Saturday for running a lemonade stand on Capitol grounds.

U.S. Capitol Police did not immediately confirm the names of the three people arrested, but the Facebook page linked to “Lemonade Freedom Day” says they were Meg McLain, Will Duffield and Katherine Dill.

McLain, an activist from Keene, N.H., was involved in arrests tied to dancing at the Jefferson Memorial earlier this year. She also created a stir last year when she was booted from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport after protesting the use of body scanners employed by the Transportation Security Administration.

McLain could not be reached for comment, though her UStream page contained video of the arrests.



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