Left is Freaking Because Obama Proves Liberalism Doesn’t Work

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West are on their poverty tour, stopping in places like Nightline, C-SPAN, and MSNBC (where there is definitely poverty, but not the kind that they are describing), and what are they running around saying? They’re running around saying, “90% of the wealth in this country is controlled by 1% of the population!” We know the wealthiest employees in this country work for the federal government now. We know with that employees of the federal government earn, on average — when you throw benefits and pensions and all that stuff in there, they earn — twice as much as people in the private sector. The wealthiest 1% in this country employ more people than the poorest in this country. So what’s the problem?

The wealthiest 1% in this country employ more people than the poorest in this country, and the people that work for the government are making out like bandits! But the issue is: What are these guys — people like Tavis Smiley, Cornel West…? Brother Tavis. I’m sorry, Brother Tavis and Brother Cornel. What do these guys recommend that we do? How would they change the country? You see, the fact is their target is not the 1%. Their target is everybody — and Obama, I don’t know what they’re so upset about! Obama is employing their radical views. Obama is going after every target they’ve got. Obama’s got a bull’s-eye on practically every target these guys want to be hit.



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