CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m calling because I think conservatives should embrace being called hobbits by the establishment because in the movie the Lord of the Rings the hobbits are the heroes who succeed where the elites have failed in defeating a tyranny. The movie is about power. There’s a ring of power, and all these elites are unable to give up the power. Whenever they get the ring, they’re corrupted, but the hobbits are the only characters in the entire movie who resist the power and are willing to relinquish the power and defeat the tyranny. So, I mean it’s… I mean, that’s not what McCain was intending. He was intending to insult us, but actually hobbits are the heroes.

RUSH: No, the people using the term “hobbit” are insulting us as deformed little, irrelevant people.

CALLER: Yeah, but they’re the heroes. It’s not about looks, it’s about ideology.

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