Is your church killing America?

Apple Computer is known for its open support of homosexual activism; Johnson & Johnson is a leading provider of abortifacients; and Google’s support of probably the most abortion-loving White House administration ever is well-known.

So why is a Christian church denomination using its pension fund to invest in those companies?

That’s the question raised by a Wesleyan pastor who says his church is sponsoring immorality by its choice of stocks that comprise the church’s pension fund.

Rev. Dale Walker pastors a Wesleyan church congregation in Tennessee and also operates a financial management firm.

He said he became concerned in June 2008 when he discovered that companies that promote pornography and operate casinos were among those in which the church denomination’s pension fund had investments.

He first went to his district superintendent and then he took the issue to a pastor’s forum.

“I went to that pastor’s forum to share our concerns from the church and I sincerely thought in my heart they did not know about this. As I shared my concerns, I was interrupted by some of the speakers that day as I spoke,” Walker explained.



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