Iowa Republicans can’t miss this message

Just days before thousands of Iowa Republicans converge on the college city of Ames next weekend to cast ballots in a straw poll of the GOP presidential field, a large billboard was erected in the nearby capital city that questions the very legitimacy of the current occupant of the White House.

Part of a new campaign organized by WND Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah to draw attention to Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility problems, the billboard – one of many schedule to go up around the country between now and Election Day 2012 – asks, “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?”

“Countless document experts have now made the persuasive case that the birth certificate released by Obama is fraudulent – a case that has been well-chronicled in WND,” said Farah. “No other media outlet has bothered to examine the document or question its authenticity. Neither have they found any experts willing to suggest the birth certificate is valid. That’s why I am taking this case directly to the American people the only way we can – the way we started, with billboards.”

Farah launched the famous “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” billboard campaign in May of 2009. At the time, only a very small percentage of Americans were even aware of the eligibility questions surrounding Obama. More than 90 billboards were placed nationwide throughout the course of the campaign. Within six months of its launch, polls showed most Americans were aware of the controversy. Six months later, most Americans doubted Obama’s eligibility.



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