Green Jobs: Money Laundering Scam for Democrats and Unions

So manmade global warming (a hoax and a fraud) was the basis on which federal dollars were borrowed, printed, spent, taxed, whatever, and given to other people for phony jobs that were never gonna be anything. It’s a money-laundering scam! The green jobs industry is a money-laundering scam. It’s a vote-buying scam. It’s nothing other than a slush fund. The stimulus plan? Slush fund. Green jobs sound good, and look at how many companies get on board this green business in their marketing, ’cause they think that you, the general public, have fallen for it. So every company touts how they’re greening their manufacturing process, greening their sales process, greening the very ingredients in their products or service or what have you, all to make you think they care about the environment and that they are good stewards.

In fact all it is is a giant slush fund. It’s one slush fund after another, federal taxpayer dollars going to Democrat candidates, supporters, donors, what have you, under the guise of creating a new industry, “green jobs;” weatherizing homes, protecting the environment, saving the climate. It’s a huge, huge scam. Anything to do with energy and the environment that involves manmade global warming, climate change, is now an official scam. Three homes weatherized in Seattle! Do you know what that means? That means they just picked three homes to weatherize just to be able to say that the program did some work for which it was created. Fourteen people in administrative posts hired with a $20 million federal grant. Would somebody explain to me how a $20 million federal grant to weatherize homes is an industry anyway, green or otherwise?

Tell me how in the name of Sam Hill does that create jobs? So the president gets to run around and talk about all the job creation he’s engaged in, all the new energy, all this sweet sounding stuff — and every bit of it is a scam just like Social Security and Madoff was a scam. And, folks, it’s important to understand this because all of this, all of this comes from the American left. All of this is liberalism. This is what liberalism is. This scam, “green jobs,” I’ll tell you: The end result is nothing more than shifting money to unions. In fact, I’d venture to say that over 75% of every Obama jobs or similar-type initiative has been a scam or a ruse to get money to unions, because that money will come back in the form of dues (donations, contributions, what have you) to the Democrat Party.



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