GOP Refrain: Best We Could Get – We didn’t get anything! Where are the cuts?

The Balanced Budget Amendment in the nineties failed by one vote, but we still balanced the budget. John Kasich and Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey and the boys, we balanced the budget. It was done. But now we hear this is the best defense number we’re gonna get, the best shot we’ve had in 20 years that I’ve been here, to build support for a Balanced Budget Amendment? It’s one of these moral victories. We don’t have a Balanced Budget Amendment. We didn’t get one. “This is the best shot we’ve had in 20 years that I’ve been here to build support for –” well, we didn’t get it. So big whoop. There’s your moral victory for you.

Gold has hit another new high, by the way. All of this means, folks, we’re gonna have to extend unemployment benefits. That’s how you create jobs. That’s how you create employment. Whenever Obama or one of his minions says balance, they mean tax increases. Anybody who doesn’t want a tax increase must be unbalanced. So what are the cuts? What are the cuts? The budget’s been passed and signed and is now law. Somebody should be able to point to the specific cuts in it by now. There were cuts, remember? There were real cuts. This gets us two-thirds of the cuts of the discretionary spending that we’re looking for in our budget, with Paul Ryan. Did we get a hundred percent of the discretionary cuts we were looking for? No, we got two-thirds. Where are they?

I hate to be disrespectful here, but how can anybody say we got budget cuts when the whole point of this was to raise the debt ceiling $2.4 trillion? “But, Rush, but, Rush, aren’t you forgetting that for every dollar of debt ceiling increase, there are cuts?” Well, that is part of the deal, but, man, as I listen to Obama and Schumer, the hell with that, they’re going nuts, they’re raising taxes, they’re spending. And every time we’ve made a deal like this with the Democrats, I don’t care, Reagan did it, learned his lesson, I don’t care who makes this deal, it never happens. The spending cuts that are supposed to accompany the tax increases or the debt level increase, never happen.



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