GOP Jobs Plan: Defeat Obama

Folks, we need to define what Obama is doing with this latest phony effort at a jobs plan, that now he wants everybody waiting breathlessly for on September the 5th. It can be said that virtually every prior so-called stimulus or jobs plan that Obama has wanted has been passed. What opposition? He has gotten whatever he wanted, and every one of his plans have been disasters. Every one of them, they have been frauds, they’ve run up the debt, they’ve killed jobs, every single Obama plan.

Now he’s going to have another plan, just in time for his reelection effort. And this is not going to be a jobs plan. It is a reelection plan. It’ll be poll tested. It will be a grab bag of populist talking points. It will be designed to pass one of those Frank Luntz colored graph chart things that they do on Hannity. That’s how poll tested it will be. Whatever it is it’s gonna be called a jobs plan, but it’s a reelection plan, poll tested so when Luntz and his crowd puts it up there it’s gonna look like the independents love Obama again. Get ready for this. It’s all part of the smoke screen. He’s gonna throw all kinds of stuff against the wall in this plan, claim that it is the answer we’ve all been waiting for, that it came to him while sitting next to the flowing brook at Martha’s Vineyard. He will use it to attack the Republicans in Congress for blocking job creation. That’s where this is headed. He’s gonna run on his record, what it would have been were it not for Republican opposition, but the thing you must never forget is there hasn’t been any, or the first two years there wasn’t any. We didn’t have the numbers to stop him.



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