GOP Feared Obama Would Blame Them for Default and Downgrade

I have just destroyed Snerdley’s day, by the way. Snerdley came in here thinking that it was the 23rd anniversary of the show and that I was gonna be able to proclaim myself a huge winner here, and poor old Bo is sitting in there obviously just depressed. Let me add to it here. This great deal, wonderful victory for fiscal conservatives, raises the debt the most the debt has ever been raised in history at one time. This debt ceiling has been raised $2.4 trillion at one time. I know it’s in two tranches. I know we’ve gotta do this again in December — Thanksgiving, Christmas, whatever, December — but do you think the stomach is gonna be able to go through this again then? They’ll say, “Okay. Rubber-stamp it, just move on.”

If they wanted to get rid of the issue now they’re certainly gonna want to get rid of it then, clear the decks for the reelection campaign. According to the Cybercast News Service: “Citing records published by the Congressional Research Service, if the current bill is passed and the debt limit is increased by $2.4 trillion, the two largest debt limit increases in US history would come in back-to-back years,” both during the presidency of Obama. Yet the media — I’ll share with you the stories sometime today. The media is filled with, “Tea Party Big Winners! Tea Party Big Winners!” It’s all designed to get the Tea Party Republicans to vote for the Reid bill that’s back in the Senate.



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