We at Conservative Byte are right in step with the TEA Party on not liking the debt deal. We wanted more and are still pushing for a balanced budget amendment. The cut, cap, and balance act was something that along with a tax reform that replaces the IRS with a flat tax or some kind of VAT, could have gotten our country on stable footing for the future.

But, for now this deal is the law of the land. John Boehner explains why he voted yes, and what the deal means for us. It’s not what we wanted, but we’ll continue to push TEA party candidates into office for 2012 and eventually take back our country from the socialists. We don’t want to be too hard on Boehner, he did have to work out a deal with a wannabe dictator socialist.

Boehner gets the job done… This was how and why….

3 7-31-11-debt-framework-boehner

3-7-31-11-Debt-Framework-Boehner PDF File