Don’t Believe You Won, Tea Party

I’m still confused. If Republicans were the ones putting guns to everybody’s heads, how come the Democrats got away with all the money? Two-point-four trillion is a pretty good haul even by the Democrat Party’s high criminal standards. How can it be said that Obama lost? We got people on our side running around saying that. This was a big win. And you Tea Party people, I want you to beware, there are people trying to convince you that you won big, that you changed the game, that you changed the way things are going, and they are lying to you. Do not give up the task, do not give up the momentum, and don’t think that you’ve won anything here. This is not a victory. I don’t care what anybody tries to tell you. They’re just trying to shut you up. They’re just trying to make you go away. They’re trying to make you satisfied. The more you’re satisfied, the less rambunctious you’re gonna be.

You are still unwanted. You’re still not of Washington, the Washington culture, and they don’t want you to ever be, so the more they tell you you won, the more they tell you you had a victory, the theory is the less rambunctious that you will be. For example, ABC News: “As Senate Votes, McConnell Declares Tea Party ‘Won,’ Reid says Tea Party ‘Disconcerting.'” Let me tell you, the Tea Party is the most extensive, the most important grassroots political movement in our lifetimes, and it is still ascending, meaning the Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy it, using smears and lies, or worse. The Tea Party is actually nothing more than what the Democrats claim to be in 99% of elections, and that is conservatives. A balanced approach to campaigning as a Democrat is equal parts lies and character assassination. That’s what a balanced approach is for the Democrats. Equal part lies, equal part character assassination.



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