Democrats Thinking About Hillary 2012

If Hillary had been elected and everything the same has happened, I guarantee you that the Obama crowd would be urging him to run against her and primary her for the nomination just like Ted Kennedy ran against Jimmy Carter. Ted Kennedy’s problem was Roger Mudd of CBS News did an interview and said, “Why do you want to be president?” and Kennedy couldn’t say anything other than Chappaquiddick, “B’duh, b’duh, b’duh, Chappaquiddick.” He couldn’t answer it, so he blew his chances. My thinking is that the same thing is go on now, that the people in the Hillary camp are now fantasizing — if not more so. I don’t know whether it’s Hillary or somebody else. It could be Andrew Cuomo. You know, Andrew Cuomo is setting the world on fire as governor of New York. He’s doing it with conservative policies, by the way, but still he’s setting the world on fire up there, and I guarantee you that Democrats do not want to lose the White House, and if they think Obama is gonna lose it for them, the only thing that would stand in their way is his race.

The other side of what I’m saying is that this is not my dad’s DNC. This is not the Democrat Party of my dad’s era. This is the DNC of this era, and the movers and shakers of this DNC are thrilled at what’s happening here. I have explained several times on this program: There are Americans who hate this country as founded. They are all in the Democrat Party, or they all vote Democrat. It is a number that has grown because of the number of professors and the curriculum at college campuses and so forth, the whole education system; and there is such a deep class envy resentment and hatred for this country. There are people who still cheer Obama when he apologizes for the country.

There are still people who cheer when 30 SEAL team members are killed in Afghanistan, because they believe it’s immoral for us to be there in the first place — and people like that vote Democrat. (interruption) Don’t frown at me, Snerdley. You know damn well there are people who celebrate American military defeat because it advances their agenda. You know damn well there are Americans who celebrate. Hell, a lot of them teach courses in political science and history at some of the top-tier Ivy League universities in this country! Read David Horowitz, FrontPageMag and his website. He’s made a career out of documenting what’s going on in the American higher education system.



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