Democrats Caused FAA Shutdown

If you’re 90 miles or more from an airport, you get subsidized for your ticket for certain routes. Like one of the routes is in Montana. “The EAS program subsidizes a rural airport in Lewistown, Montana. In 2007, that airport reported that it averaged .6 passengers per flight. Last year, an EAS route between Atlanta and Macon made many flights without a single passenger on board, which resulted in an annual per-passenger subsidy of $464 to keep that route running. And in Kansas, EAS pays three airports in Dodge City, Garden City and Liberal to remain open. All are within 75 miles of each other.” The Republicans want to get rid of these subsidies, the Democrats say no.

They want the pork in it! The Democrats are the reason why there’s this partial shutdown of the FAA. This is also known as the Rockefeller Bill because he lives a certain distance from an airport. I wish I had more time to explain this in greater detail, but he’s trying to claim the airlines are making out like bandits here by not turning over money ’cause the Congress didn’t do their jobs. It’s the Democrats that did not do their job because they’re trying to hold onto subsidizing routes that nobody flies. Also, they can say that they’re helping poor people, pure and simple. That’s all this is about. They’re caterwauling and moaning. “This is depriving the federal government of $200 million a week!”

Good! Good! I wish it was $400 billion a week they were being deprived or whatever it is.



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