Christine O’Donnell Enters the No Spin Zone

So looking back, what was the biggest mistake you think you made in that campaign?

CHRISTINE O’DONNELL, FORMER DELAWARE SENATE CANDIDATE: Well, several of them. But I think the biggest mistake was that stupid ad. And the reason why I tell it with such painstaking detail is because there is a lesson. This whole middle class movement that is propelling the Tea Party is fueled by the instincts and the passion and the gut of everyday Americans who have never been involved in the political process before.

Here I was, I won the primary because of that and then on the other side of the primary, I listened to the experts. I didn’t have confidence in my own gut instincts and went with that stupid ad which everything in me screamed that it was wrong.

So I’m hoping that, you know, a wise man learns from his or her mistakes and even wiser learns from the mistakes of others.



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