A federal judge who owes his lifetime appointment to Barack Obama today concluded that a pro-life organization whose leaders criticized a politician for supporting Obamacare for funding abortions just might be guilty of defamation – and possibly worthy of jail time.

The ruling comes from Judge Timothy S. Black in Cincinnati, who refused to dismiss a case brought by former Democratic U.S. Rep. Steve Driehaus against the Susan B. Anthony List organization, which had criticized the congressman’s vote for Obamacare.

The judge, who cited Google as a source in one footnote of his ruling, said, “Upon a careful review of both of the [Congressional Research Service] memoranda cited by the parties, this court fails to identify any affirmative statement that the PPACA [Obamacare] includes taxpayer funded abortion.”

Therefore, he ruled, a trial must be held to determine whether there was a defamation and whether there was malice in the statements by the SBA List, including those by its president, Marjorie Dannenfelser.

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