Black Democrats Know Obama Takes Their Voters for Granted

You know, since Stimulus 1 worked so well, why didn’t he just double down and do it again? You know, I’ll bet you that that’s what the September plan is gonna be. Well, to this day Obama and regime members are running around talking about how great that worked, how many jobs were created and saved. “The only problem was it wasn’t big enough,” so why not come back and ask for $1.6 trillion in stimulus instead of $790 billion? (interruption) Hey, he said it. Snerdley, wait a minute. You’re looking at this in the wrong perspective.

You’re looking at Obama coming up with an idea that he knows the Republicans will pass. That’s not what this is about. He’s campaigning! He’s going to put forth something that’s designed to make it look like the Republicans are obstructing him so that he can say, “Gosh, if it weren’t for these guys my record woulda worked and we wouldn’t be in this mess!” So it would be totally predictable, natural, explainable, understandable, if he comes out and proposes a $1.6 or $1.7 trillion new stimulus package, since Porkulus 1 worked so well but was just too small.

And of course the Republicans won’t go for it, which is right up his alley. And then by asking for something that big and letting Maxine and her cohorts in on it, look at allllllll those goodies just beyond their grasp if not for the evil Republicans! See? See how it works? Maxine is setting up here to be part of this, but she wasn’t through. Still over on MSNBC, they had somebody else. They got more people hosting this show than I can count. Anchor Craig Melvin then said, “Well, you were fired up two days ago in Detroit. I would imagine the White House has seen that clip over and over and over. Have you heard from people in the White House yet?”



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