Bachmann: Washington is ‘Vile,’ ‘Corrupt’ But Can Join the ‘Real World’

Calling Washington “vile and corrupt,” Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said Sunday she won’t compromise her “core principles” if elected president, but she would take steps to negotiate “advancements” in the right direction.

“The trajectory that the country is going right now is negative, everyone knows it. So we need to have a president that is as least going to get us on the trajectory of going in the right direction,” Bachmann told “Fox News Sunday.”

Bachmann is enjoying a victory lap after taking 28 percent of the nearly 17,000 votes cast in a Saturday poll of Iowa Republican voters weighing in on the crop of 2012 GOP presidential candidates. Bachmann said Iowa is a much better place to be than in Washington, in part because politicians in Washington refuse to live within their means.



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