Your Social Security Check Will Go Out Unless Obama Orders It Not To

Your Social Security check will go out, and there is already a mechanism in the Social Security trust fund to sell Treasury bonds to come up with the cash to pay you. It is there. Obama is demagoguing this. The Democrats are demagoguing this. Your Social Security check will go out. Only unless Obama orders them not to be sent.

You need to tell your friends the money is there. You need to tell your friends that if you don’t get your checks and this debt ceiling doesn’t go up, the one-word answer is Obama. Only he can stop it. Now, you’re gonna get a lot of ridicule and you’re gonna have a lot of your gummer buddies yelling and shouting at you. I want you to tell ’em, the mechanism is there, selling Treasury bonds, Social Security trust fund has $2.4 trillion in Treasury bonds which the trustees are legally entitled to redeem whenever Social Security is running an account deficit, meaning running out of money. So with somebody who is honest and constitutional running the show, you will get your check.



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