Why the House Passed ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’

While President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, his chief deputy, Sen. Dick Durbin, Senate Budget Committee chairman Sen. Kent Conrad, and the liberal mainstream media were hailing the Gang of Six (Go6) outline of a proposal to raise taxes by more than $1 trillion, House Republicans, joined by a scattering of House Democrats, actually did something yesterday about the debt ceiling and the federal deficit.

The Cut, Cap and Balance Act (CCB) passed the House on a 234-190 vote, with all but five Democrats opposing it. The measure cuts federal spending, caps future federal spending, and raises the national debt ceiling but makes it contingent upon a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget being approved by the Senate, signed by the president and submitted to the states for ratification.

So while the Washington Establishment is all ga-ga over yet another of its faux compromises designed mainly to preserve its ability to continue its profligate ways, the House majority has actually done something concrete to solve the federal government’s financial crisis, both short and long term.



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