What’s Happening Now Isn’t Funny

Now, back in the late seventies when Jimmy Carter’s bumbling around, I mean that was easy to ridicule. It was easy to make fun of. And Clinton, you know, Clinton had Obama type designs on this country, but he was nowhere near bringing it off. And back then the Republicans were winning elections in the House, and back then they were, for a couple, three years, terms, governing that way. We had a balanced budget, I mean we were kick ass, and we discovered the House bank, Clinton making all these comments about there being no truth detector. Today there’s plenty of stuff to ridicule, and there’s plenty of stuff to laugh at, and there’s plenty of stuff to make fun of. But I must be honest; it’s harder and harder to do that. It’s harder and harder to laugh at things which have destroyed people’s lives. It’s harder and harder to ridicule. What’s funny about what’s happened to the housing market? What’s funny about what’s happened in unemployment? It’s not impossible. And we have our share of fun with all these things. But at the same time, there’s this fine line balance.

People’s lives are being destroyed here. People know that their futures are being cut out from underneath them. In the past the country was nowhere near as at risk as it is today. At no time in the past was it accurate to say, “Four more years of president X and this country as we’ve known it ceases to exist.” That is today’s reality. Four more years of an unchecked, unstopped Obama and America as we know it is transformed in ways that people have no desire to see. Obamacare is just one illustrative element. I don’t see any humor in people being on unemployment for 99 weeks. I see humor in individuals who have been on unemployment for 99 weeks who make no effort to get off who make fools of themselves.

For this guy, Colbert King, in his glorious ignorance, to sit here and say that I have no interest in saving the country is just pure lunacy, ignorance or what have you. He clearly doesn’t listen, reads whatever talking points. You and I together are trying to save this country. The people inside the Beltway don’t think it needs to be saved. They don’t look at it that way. This is just another round of spending, national debt goes up a little bit. All these things, just a business cycle. It will all get turned around if Obama gets his way. To them the number one thing is conservative Republicans don’t end up in power, because then the country will be saved. They don’t want it saved the way we do.



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