We’re Still Waiting for Obama’s Plan

The debt ceiling, we ought to call it the debt suggestion, because that’s all this is. And we’ll blow through this in another year and a half. I think more and more Republicans, at least in the House, are figuring this out, but we got this Gang of Six now, and whenever you have these gangs pop up, there’s one way to understand it. All you have to know about any “gang of” and that is RINO Republicans have decided to fold in with liberal Democrats in the name of compromise or whatever it is that will elevate them above the fray so that they can appear to be reasonable adults or what have you. Spineless — well, I wouldn’t say spineless, but certainly spines of linguine. And interesting, the Gang of Six option raises taxes, trillion dollars, with a $500 billion down payment on spending cuts, $500 billion. That’s a quarter.

Do you use quarters anymore? Do you run around with pocket change, Snerdley? I don’t. I don’t. I’m being honest here. I can’t tell you the last time I had change in my pocket. But $500 billion is like a quarter — (interruption) what’s so funny, why are you laughing? No, I don’t get change. I don’t take change. (interruption) What’s going to the mall have to do with it? There’s plenty of places I go where there’s cash transactions. The golf course, except when you tip the caddy, and I know some tightwads that ask for change from caddies, but I don’t. (interruption) You have to have quarters for the parking meters in Palm Beach. I don’t. I don’t park. Okay, I see what you’re talking about here. I don’t park. I get dropped off or I send somebody. Okay. But the point is, for those of you who still carry change, $500 billion down payment of spending cuts is like a quarter, it’s probably not even that much.



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